Venga! VGRVC3001BK

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3-IN-1 ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER: Sweep function with 2 side brushes and a large central brush. Vacuum function with a suction power of up to 1600 Pa. Floor mopping function with a large 300 ml tank. Powerful 2600 mAh battery for up to 120 min of autonomy and 60 min at maximum suction power GYROSCOPE NAVIGATION allows the robot to map your home for more efficient cleaning. With Wi-Fi connection to schedule cleaning from your mobile phone via the compatible Venga! app. “One Touch” start for a fully automatic cleaning cycle. Magnetic wall included to close off access to a room in the house. Equipped with anti-collision and cliff sensors, automatic return to the charging base for autonomous operation 6 CLEANING MODES: Automatic, localised cleaning for particularly dirty areas, edge cleaning to operate along the walls, room cleaning to run all programs in a dedicated room, mop cleaning function and maximum suction for 2x more power. With weekly cleaning planner function. Suitable for all types of floors: parquet, tiles, carpets with a climbing capacity of up to 1.8 cm CONTAINS: 1 Venga! VG RVC 3001 BK, 1 dust collector with HEPA filter, 1 water tank, 4 side brushes, 1 central brush, 2 cleaning cloths, 1 cleaning tool, 1 remote control (incl. batteries), 1 charging station with AC adapter (EU Plug & UK Plug), 1 user manual in 6 languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL)

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