Waga łazienkowa Tanita BC-587


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The Tanita body composition monitor BC587 works with the bio-electrical impedance analysis to calculate varied data of your body. Electrodes on the feet sensors transmit a safe, weak current pulse, which measures the resistance in your body. The Tanita BC587 does not only measure your weight and body fat percentage – body water percentage, basal metabolic rate, metabolism age, bone mass, muscle mass, body composition value, and percentage of organ fat are calculated as well. The Tanita balance considers age, gender, height, and weight for precise determination of your values. The Tanita body composition monitor BC587 shows precisely at 0.1% the percentage of body fat and water – and the weight is measured in 100 g increments. The balance is equiped with a memory for four persons – so each family member can benefit from unique possibilities of the Tanita body composition monitor BC587 . Furthermore, the Tanita BC587 has an athletes mode. As sportsmen/sportswomen have another water balance and another composition of their muscle tissue, the BC587 can involve these differences in its analysis. User-friendly features are also important: The Tanita balance is equiped with useful hot keys which are easy-to-operate with the foot and has a very large, blue lit display in addition. Weighing becomes very easy ! Using the Tanita body composition monitor BC587 , you can measure single components of your health in a professional way and control your progress. Either increasing fitness or health – the Tanita body composition monitor BC587 is the right choice for a healthy lifestyle ! > Exclusive body composition monitor > Of the InnerScan series – uses the bio electrical impedance analysis (BIA) for extensive health data > Measures: basal metabolic rate body composition value calories bone mass muscle mass visceral fat > Display size: 32 mm > Body fat display: 0.1 % precision > Body water display: 0.1 % precision > Division: 100 g > Person memory: 4 + guest mode > Maximum load capacity: 200 kg > Precious-soft design > Large platform: 34 cm x 31 cm > Current supply: 4 mignon batteries > Batteries are included in delivery ! > Patented transparent electrodes > Display with background ligthing

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